Bayer and World Environment Day

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Over 50 Years of Bayer in Pittsburgh

In 2008, Pittsburgh and Bayer each arrived at a special milestone. Pittsburgh marked its 250th anniversary and Bayer marked 50 years of calling Pittsburgh home. Together, our dynamic company and this vibrant region commemorate over five decades of mutual support and success. It is an extraordinary opportunity for Bayer and Pittsburgh to share a celebration and the party started here. This special site has become an opportunity to explore our common ground. It is a place to learn about major milestones and little known nuggets of Bayer’s first half century in our hospitable hometown. It is a gateway to trace our respective progress and pay tribute to the remarkable people of Bayer and Pittsburgh who made it possible.

Half-Century Highlights

Until 1995, complex trademark issues prevented our company’s use of the Bayer name in the United States. That’s why Bayer arrived in Pittsburgh in 1958 as Mobay Chemical Company, a joint venture of our German parent, Bayer AG and Monsanto Chemical Corporation. Over 30 years later, after the integration of our parent’s principal businesses in the United States, our name changed to Miles, Inc. Finally in April, 1995, we gained the rights to use our name and logo in the United States. From then to now, and for all time to come, we are Bayer Corporation. Trace highlights of our evolution and Pittsburgh’s own transformation from 1958-2008 below.